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The tourism sector is one of the sectors that is the mainstay of the government to earn foreign exchange in addition to other sectors. Tourism activities involve many community activities from small to large scale. (Ariesta, 2017) Tourists who come to a place are to enjoy the natural beauty of mountains, forests, seas, and also the uniqueness of culture – such as dances and the way of life of a community. This tourist attraction is often the mainstay of a country or region that continues to improve the quality of the object itself and the comfort of the environment such as cleanliness, access to and from the tourist attraction and the attitude of the community towards tourists who come to visit. keyword : ENVIRONMENTAL CARE TOURIST ATTRACTIONS

Tourism activities that are identical to recreation are one of the forms of human activity, as stated by Michael Chubb et al (1981) in his book “One Third of Our Time”. They classify human activities into five things, namely recreation, physical needs, spiritual, work and education, as well as family and community duties.

Michael’s illustration can be seen in the picture below.

Some of the tourist attractions that the author has visited around the city of Medan still need to be improved in terms of management, cleanliness and concern for the preservation of these attractions. Both the manager and the local community pay less attention to things that are quite sensitive to the comfort of visitors such as the unavailability of adequate garbage bins so that visitors arbitrarily throw garbage in any place.


Conversely, the community also sometimes does not have high discipline in maintaining the environment in the area of a tourist attraction.

The arrangement of parks and facilities that seem sober so that this creates the impression that the tourist attraction is not managed professionally.

No less important facility that is often a source of visitor dissatisfaction is the quality of toilets that often emit unpleasant odours.

Some time ago, to be precise on 19 to 23 December 2023, students of the STIM Sukma Management Study Program, Tourism and Finance Concentration, carried out Community Service activities at the Kasan Beach tourist attraction which has a beautiful view with a calm and clear river flow. The activity carried out is to carry out a cleanliness campaign by installing several signs (signage) at the location such as keeping clean, disposing of garbage in its place and many more appeals that are installed at several points. This is intended to give a warning to visitors and managers to jointly preserve the environment by disposing of garbage in its place as an effort to avoid environmental pollution such as scattered garbage and the smell of a less conducive environment.

For students, this Community Service activity is in order to apply the knowledge gained in college and bring students closer to how best to manage a community centre.


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